About DVI

Designed by auto mechanics who work day-in and day-out fixing cars. After all, it takes doing inspections each and every day for decades to know the best way to do them!


Guided inspections with step-by-step walk-through. No more confusion or paper. More organization, more efficiency, more profit! This is the fastest way to compile and share inspection data.


Simple to add new fields inside of individual step groups, on the move. By utilizing speech-to-text software, technicians can add new fields and our Self Intelligent Database will convert it to a button for future use. This allows each shop’s signature inspection to grow with the shop...


Works on Android and small screen platforms, specifically designed as a small screen data collection system but of course you can use any Android mobile device you prefer! iOs availability coming soon! 


Detailed and highly customizable inspection templates make it easy to install high standard requirements to your shop’s inspections, no matter what level of experience you have!


Web-based software solution, no minimum computer specs for the Service Writer Portal. If you have a web browser, you have access!

Blue Collar Technologies Inc. is an American based company that designs and builds software solutions to improve efficiency in blue collar industries. Created in 2016 specifically to bring our vision of an efficient digital inspections software suite to life, BCT also is working on other software endeavors both in the automotive trade and other professions.